Pe Anti-Mouse Cd301B Antibody

Lab Reagents

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the pe anti-mouse cd301b antibody reagents distributed by Genprice. The Pe Anti-Mouse Cd301B Antibody reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact mouse Antibody. Other Pe products are available in stock. Specificity: Pe Category: Anti-Mouse Group: Cd301B Antibody

Cd301B Antibody information

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Rat CD45 PE (Clone OX-30) (mouse IgG2a)

RCD045-PE 100 tests
EUR 562.8

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Rat CD45RC PE (Clone OX-22) (mouse IgG1)

RCD045RC-PE 100 tests
EUR 562.8

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Rat CD48 PE (Clone OX-45) (mouse IgG1)

RCD048-PE 100 tests
EUR 562.8

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Rat CD62L PE (Clone OX-85)(mouse IgG1)

RCD062L-PE 100 tests
EUR 562.8

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Rat CD152 PE (Clone WKH 203 ) (mouse IgG1 )

RCD152-PE 100 tests
EUR 562.8

Anti-Human/Mouse CD11b Antibody [M1/70], PE-100ug

QAB22-PE-100ug 100ug
EUR 218.4

Anti-Human/Mouse CD11b Antibody [M1/70], PE-25ug

QAB22-PE-25ug 25ug
EUR 138

Anti-CD4 Antibody [OKT4], PE-100Tests

QAB11-PE-100Tests 100Tests
EUR 199.2

Anti-CD4 Antibody [OKT4], PE-25Tests

QAB11-PE-25Tests 25Tests
EUR 147.6

Anti-CD4 Antibody [OKT4], PE-500Tests

QAB11-PE-500Tests 500Tests
EUR 606

Anti-CD5 Antibody [UCHT2], PE-100Tests

QAB15-PE-100Tests 100Tests
EUR 270

Anti-CD5 Antibody [UCHT2], PE-25Tests

QAB15-PE-25Tests 25Tests
EUR 169.2

Anti-CD8a Antibody [OKT8], PE-100Tests

QAB17-PE-100Tests 100Tests
EUR 270

Anti-CD8a Antibody [OKT8], PE-25Tests

QAB17-PE-25Tests 25Tests
EUR 169.2

Anti-CD8a Antibody [OKT8], PE-500Tests

QAB17-PE-500Tests 500Tests
EUR 909.6

Anti-CD8 Antibody [SK1], PE-100Tests

QAB18-PE-100Tests 100Tests
EUR 523.2

Anti-CD8 Antibody [SK1], PE-25Tests

QAB18-PE-25Tests 25Tests
EUR 259.2