Hydrochloric Acid Cdhfinechemical

Laboratory Centrifuge

abx725016-1Unit 1 Unit
EUR 3588

Cdh Laboratory Fine Chemicals Laboratories manufactures the hydrochloric acid cdhfinechemical reagents distributed by Genprice. The Hydrochloric Acid Cdhfinechemical reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact CDH Laboratory Fine Chemicals. Other Hydrochloric products are available in stock. Specificity: Hydrochloric Category: Acid Group: Cdhfinechemical

Laboratory Performance Check Standard

EUR 472.8

Laboratory Performance Check Standard

EUR 793.2

Tweezer, Titanium, Micro Fine Tip Fine Precision, 115mm

1 Each
EUR 94.4

True north Cryobox 0.2mLNatural

EUR 172.8

True north Cryobox 0.5mLNatural

EUR 153.6

True north Cryobox1.5/2mLNatural

EUR 100.8

True north Cryobox 5mLNatural

EUR 153.6

Cdhfinechemical information

Solution Hydrochloric Acid

USP2905 500ML
EUR 46.8

6M Hydrochloric Acid 5L

3001500-5L 5L
EUR 204

CP 0.5M Hydrochloric Acid

CPH051 1L
EUR 30

Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M 2.5L

H201025P 2.5L
EUR 36.95

Hydrochloric Acid Solution (2%)

HQB3800 1 Gal.
EUR 332.4

Hydrochloric Acid Solution (2%)

HQB500 500 ml
EUR 102

Hydrochloric Acid Solution (2%)

HQB999 1000 ml
EUR 136.8

Hydrochloric acid, 6M solution

GX0143-1 1
EUR 33.1

Hydrochloric acid, 6M solution

GX0143-500 500
EUR 21.1

Hydrochloric Acid 10% w/v

H10WV1 1L
EUR 129.6

Hydrochloric Acid 10 g/L

H210G1 1L
EUR 34.8

Hydrochloric Acid 30% w/w

H30WW 25L
EUR 191.92

Hydrochloric Acid 10% v/v

EUR 138

Hydrochloric Acid 2%v/v

HCL2VV10 10L
EUR 282.01

Hydrochloric Acid 4% V/V

HCL4VV05 500ML
EUR 19.88

Hydrochloric Acid 50% v/v

HCLS115 5L
EUR 139.2

Hydrochloric Acid Solution 0.05N

40220115-1 500 mL
EUR 13.3